Are you taking on unfulfilling work just to pay the bills?

How to find your dream clients and build a freelance business you love

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Mastering your craft will only get you so far.

With more than two million freelancers in the UK alone, it’s harder than ever to find projects you really love and get paid what you deserve, consistently.

If you ever find yourself taking on projects just to pay the bills or being treated like a creative monkey, this could be the book you’ve been looking for.

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Creative business coach, Matthew Essam, has developed a unique framework that will show you how to:

  • Find and attract your dream clients, without needing to become a marketing expert or social media influencer
  • Take back control of your time and restore your work/life balance
  • Raise your prices and charge what you’re worth
  • Find purpose and fulfilment in your work
Matt Essam

About the author

Having worked in the creative industry for over 12 years, Matthew Essam has coached award-winning designers, internationally recognised photographers and critically acclaimed directors, to help them transform their life and businesses.

Create and Prosper is an inside look at the proven strategies and frameworks that have helped freelancers and small business owners build a life and business they love on their own terms.